About Us

The basement boutique is a unique clothing boutique featuring the latest trends on women's clothing, jewelry, and much more. 
We started the boutique in 2015 in the basement of Dez's Salon & Spa located in Rosholt, SD. 

Let me tell you about how I started. 

My name is Desiree and I had a dream very early in life, since seventh grade to be exact, of owning my own spa. I loved how going to a spa could make a person feel more than amazing and I wanted the opportunity to make people feel like that. So when I graduated high school in 2008 I started cosmetology school in Watertown, SD, from there I moved to Sioux Falls, SD to take on more schooling for massage therapy. While in Sioux Falls I was able to work at a day spa where I learned more "tricks of the trade". When I graduated massage therapy in 2010 I moved to Groton, SD where I opened my first spa, Dez's Salon & Spa! With the support of my family and all the people there I was able to grow my business and learn more about the salon and spa industries.  I started researching boutiques there but, due to the limited space, I was never able to fulfill that part of my plan.  In 2014 things changed a bit for me...I married a farmer! However, as most people know farms don't move as easy as say...a spa. So with the help of my new husband, friends and family, I opened my second location in Rosholt, SD! It was incredible to think of how far my dreams had come and I was overwhelmingly busy, sadly that takes a tole on a person. So in December of 2014 I closed the Groton location so that I could focus on my main location in Rosholt. 

Now for the boutique! Dez's Salon & Spa was going amazing! We had taken an old house and made it into a beautiful spa. To top things off the spa had a full basement! That's where the other part of my dream came into play...There was room for my boutique. So I started doing more research and I took a trip to Chicago where I was able to find some extraordinary lines of clothing! In May of 2015 The Basement Boutique opened! 

The good news for me is that my dreams are expanding and I couldn't love my job any more! The good news for you is there is now a "one-stop-shop" in Rosholt, SD where you can be pampered from head to toe! And now you can get a peak of that luxury by shopping online with us!